Adult Workshops  

Upcoming Workshop: Figurative Acrylic medium
Starting: Aug 1st 2019 and ends September 2019
We welcome all age adult artists to step forward and join us to start their creative journey!
We conduct workshops for adult artists to follow their passion and to give them a chance to flourish their artistic talent. We have 12 different subjects and each workshop starts with one subject where artist learn one complete art works from starting to an end with step by step instruction. They can continue their journey as long they wish to learn different mediums and subjects by joining different workshops.  Please find more details below and our registration is open for our next workshop starting from Aug 1st 2019 and ends September 26th 2019.  Spots are limited so it will be first come first base.  
Batches:  We are starting with two batches and Artist can chose one batch which works best for her/him.  We are opening weekday spots only at this time.
Tuesday:    11am to 1pm
Thursday:  11am to 1pm 
Registration Process: We would like to meet the artist  personally to find their interest and passion towards art and a small talk will give us an idea of who they are and how they want to start.  Please call us to fix an appointment to visit us and we would be happy to assist you further with registration process. 
Fee Structure:  All fees will be non refundable once registration confirms. 
Registration Fee: $50 (One time fee)
Two months workshop Fee: $300 Includes 4 sessions/ per month each 2 hours. 
(Classroom material is included in fee (Canvas, Colors, Paints etc) Few items are  required to be purchased by artist for their personal use like Pallet box, brushes, & sketch book) We provide max 16/20" canvas. If artist need bigger size they need to by their own. 
Subjects: The workshop will start from Aug 1st Tuesday 2019 and end Sep last week 2019.  Subject is Figurative Acrylic painting where all artists together will choose one pic out of 10 different pics. Teacher will start one final pic and allow artists to learn and understand the techniques/ use of medium in a right way so they can master skills in figurative painting.
1. Figure Drawing lessons
2. Figurative Painting using (Water, Acrylic, or Oil medium)
3. Figurative Charcoal Art
4. Figurative Abstract Art / Cubism Style
5. Abstract Painting based on Artist's expression and imagination
6. Realistic highly defined Landscape/ Cityscape / Seascape
7.  Still Art painting either live or using photograph 
8.  Floral painting (Water/Acrylic/Oil)
9. Mixed Media Art 
10. Portraits of people/ animals (Strong drawing skills required)
11. Knife Painting Abstract style 
12. Indian Style painting based on any subject and mediums
Please email us at <> or call us 510-358-2828/ 510-374-2752 and we will give an appointment to discuss further and we wish you all the best to start your creative journey with us. 

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