Anubhuti Kumari

Anubhuti believes in supporting and giving back to the community. She designed and developed many art lessons for kindergarten to 6th-grade students in her local school, Forest Park Elementary, Fremont CA. Completed multiple lessons for more than a thousand students.  Always trying to inspire kids with art and uncork their inner creativity, always create a joyful experience where kids can learn more about creative expression.

              Anubhuti Kumari is a very passionate self-taught artist with a strong interior designing background. Since childhood she developed an early interest in painting and drawing when she was in high school she participated in many art contests. True love towards art and creativity lead her to study interior designing. After earning a degree in interior designing from the University of Bangalore India, she worked in design business with renowned firm Godrej, India. After moving to the USA she worked as a freelancer for almost a decade. The freedom of expression that a blank canvas gives to an artist got her career started as an artist.

            For more than 5 years she has been working as a professional artist. She works with several mediums of arts including oil, acrylic, plaster, fabric on canvas, wood, and always trying to experiment with new things. In her artwork viewers can see a strong background of architectural drawing, designing, a variety of colors, surface, texture, rhythm, sense of depth and her true love for painting. Through her artwork, viewers can experience a different world which leads them to the real passion of an artist through each of her artworks.

Her Experience at Prashanti Art Gallery

I have been working with ‘Prashanti Art Gallery’since 2017, teaching various mediums of fine arts. I am highly impressed by the teaching standards and working environment at ‘Prashanti Art Gallery’. I enjoy working with kids and feel glad to see their improvement in due course of learning.

Association with Prashanti Art Gallery


She has been working as an Art Teacher at ‘Prashanti Art Gallery’ since 2017. She is dedicated towards the organization and her passion for art shows in her teaching. She loves kids and thoroughly enjoys teaching art to the young generation.  We would love to see her contribution for many more years ahead.