Series: Divine Spirit

  This collection is inspired by the spiritual stories told about the deities of India. Each painting represents a beautiful tale of each idol that leaves you in curiosity and wonder.

Series: The Other World

Animals are mysterious creatures. They are filled with emotions and live in nature. They shows many ways to live in unity and socially connected. In many ways, they relate to us. Hence, this collection is one that glorifies the uniqueness of each creature.

Series: Nature Inspires 

       The world around us is full of color . The diversity among trees, flowers, and landscapes is an appealing portrayal of nature. Paintings in this collection give you a glimpse of creation at its best.

Series: Ancient Treasure

 History and culture of India can be seen in this exclusive collection. Whether it's the glorious monuments or traditional sculptures, the paintings in this collection emphasize the beauty of India.

Series: Contemporary Abstract

Contemporary and Abstract style gives artists to express freely what they feel about things or their experiences without worrying about realism effects of their art work.  Modern art where no boundaries exists for an artist to express freely.

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