Pritika Nekkanti

Pritika Nekkanti is a young entrepreneur who took charge of Prashanti Art Gallery in 2017. She is the CEO of Expression8 Art Inc which has taken ownership of Prashanti Art Gallery. As a young child, she had incredible talent in the field of art and participated in many artistic programs. She received recognition at a very young age and won many awards through competitions.

She always had a passion for art. During her school years, she displayed her abilities by taking art courses in middle and high school. One of her paintings has even been displayed in the FUSD office by her teacher. Apart from that, she started teaching young kids the basics of fine art. She has been teaching kids for over 6 years now and hopes to give a part of her knowledge to them. She believes that every kid is unique and has always been patient with their learning process.  She believes that art is a very skillful and useful talent to have in life. With that belief, she encourages kids to pursue art as a profession. Through Prashanti Art Gallery, she has hosted many events that provided a platform for many young individuals to show their artistic talent. Many students were awarded by special chief guests at these events.

Currently, she is pursuing her college degree and hopes to provide more opportunities for the youth to engage in Fine Arts. She also has had training in customer service and business management. 


Maloney Elementary School

Hopkins Junior High School

Mission San Jose High School


Ohlone Community College (current)